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CoolX: booster your Visual Studio 2010 productivity

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You can greatly improve your software development productivity by using tools like the Microsoft Extensibility Framework, or the Model View Controller framework for ASP .NET 4.0, just to name a few. Tools like these ones can save you hours of development and testing time, and can save thousands of dollars to your customers.

Are there are other tools, like the Windows 7’s Aero Peak feature, that just allows you to save a couple of clicks, or a couple of seconds, but that’s nothing, isn’t it? Well, it depends. If switching between windows is something you do hundreds of times per day, as you usually do for sure, saving a couple of seconds each time can result in savings of hours at the end of the month.

If you spend most of your day editing code with Visual Studio, there are many chances for you to waste your clicks and your seconds in tasks like opening Windows Explorer instances to work with project’s files, opening Command Prompts to execute commands on project’s folders, resolving missing references, etc.

Until now. There is a new tool (in fact is a new version of an old tool), so called CoolX, that’s really cool. It does a very good job saving your valuable seconds and clicks on everyday’s tasks, by adding many useful commands to context menus in Visual Studio:

image   image

These images show just some of the commands added. The full list includes (and most names are self-descriptive):

  • Copy Project
  • Paste Project
  • Explorer Context Menu
  • Collapse All Projects
  • Open Container Folder
  • Visual Studio Prompt Here
  • Demo Font
  • Locate in Solution Explorer
  • Copy Reference
  • Paste Reference
  • Resolve Project References
  • Reference Manager
  • Build (added to editor’s context menu)
  • Float In Other Screen

You can download the CoolX Visual Studio addin from this page in the Visual Studio Gallery.


Written by fmachadopiriz

April 16, 2010 at 8:21 pm