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A poster for your box’s wall: Visual Studio 2010 keybindings

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One of the things you find after using Visual Studio for a while is that the amount of features and commands is longer than the menu, i.e., there are some features that do not appear as commands in the menu.

Let me give you an example. When we write an identifier and the compiler cannot resolve it, Visual Studio underlines it with a red squiggly line:


When we move the mouse pointer over the underlined identifier, there appears a small blue rectangle, and when we move the pointer over the rectangle, a small button appears that, when clicked, shows us a series of option to help to fix the error:


You have already seen that, have not you?

Unfortunately this feature is not accessible from the menu. I do not hesitate to recognize that sometimes my lack of fine motor function impedes me to do this as fast as I wanted to. But, did you know there is a key combination to do this without using the mouse? You just need to press Ctrl+Point at the same time.

This not only solves my lack of fine motor function, but also prevents me to move my hands out of the keyboard. I always remark the increase in productivity resulting for saving a second or a click in those tasks we perform many times per day, because at the end of the day we save many seconds and many clicks.

Visual Studio has menu examples like the aforementioned, the problem is that since many of this useful keyboard combinations do not have a corresponding menu item, we never see them (this problem has a name, it is called discoverability). Microsoft has recently published a poster listing all these keyboard combinations:


You can download the file from here.

There is more than one poster available, one for each keyboard combination associated to a language (the one you choose the first time you use Visual Studio).

Download the file, print it, fix it to your box’s wall. Give it a chance and then you tell me.

PS: Did you already know the Ctrl+Point keybinding? Okay, I am pretty sure you will find many unknown key combinations in the poster 🙂


Written by fmachadopiriz

April 18, 2010 at 12:25 pm